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Does Covid19 loom an apocalypse?

well! I don’t think Covid19 is the end of the world, Yeah it’s not that bad yet. We aren’t very long into this unfolding, we aren’t even halfway into this disaster. The virus itself may not take us down, but an entropy cascade rippling through health breakdown, to economic breakdown, to political breakdown, and to violent clashes between protestors and states, It’s more plausible than any of us want to think about, that the real reality on the ground depicts that more people may die due to the fight against Covid19 than due to the illness itself.

The hand-to-mouth workers who are flat broke notwithstanding, a great many entitled young people calling this “The Apocalypse” are really just wrestling with their own anxiety. When the actual Apocalypse is here, it will be abundantly clear we won’t need memes while on slippers, pajamas, and socks.

There are countless examples in the past of a dark, cynical type of humour being the norm during crisis. People make jokes to find relief from highly stressful situations, It’s not new! its the Kenyan “thing”, the culture to ease the tension and stress.  While I don’t believe the memes would cease with the true apocalypse, The collective nihilism is how the truth is often presented to the ‘blind’. I’m planning on meming from my death bed. If you will have better things to do… May your end be quick and painless.

I want us to be smarter than the virus, I want us to win, I want us to move into the future with our morality intact. Nature might want to remove our weak, to reduce our numbers, nature might be cruel, we’re going to save as many as we can.

We’re not yet convinced if this virus will be worse than the Black Death. In the Black Death farmers died and widows married other farmers combining properties and Wages went up and they survived. By any chance, if we will go down the road, on covid19 the generation that succumbs most, is the older population. They leave money for younger generations to spend and stand a chance. The do-nothing approach is a win-win situation for the economy and millennials, but we shouldn’t go that route. Treating the virus as having the potential to affect everyone is the best approach as the new trend shows even young children succumbing to the virus.

The forces of nature does not exist outside our own awareness. I still believe we can beat this and this is a great trial run for our cultural memory for the future virus that could mean the apocalypse.

Better that we are over-cautious and well prepared than a civilization of sitting ducks. over-cautiousness wins anytime. let us go on it head-on, let us fight it with our all not just to win for us or for an individual but let us win it for us all, let us conquer the apocalypse and survive

Stay safe

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