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washable reusable pocket diapers

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Washable pocket diapers are a type of baby diaper that can be washed and reused over and over again, multiple times.

Washable pocket diapers are a type of baby diaper that can be washed and reused over and over again, multiple times, from months to years. They are often made from cotton, wool, bamboo fiber, or unbleached helm with an absorbent inner layer to enable it to absorb moisture quite easily and fast.

Most of the designs are breathable and size adjustable to fit the baby’s size, provide comfort, and be friendly to the little one’s skin.

Once you find a good quality, its durability is long; hence it can save you a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on single-use disposable diapers until the baby doesn’t need diaper use anymore. A single disposable diaper ranges from 15 – 50 sh depending on quality, and a baby uses at least 3- 4 in a day, which translates to 60 Ksh on average, a day or 1800 a month, and 21,600 Ksh a year.

A good quality pocket diaper will cost an average of 650 Ksh when you buy ten pieces once, that will be 6500 Ksh, and you can use them for up to 2 years plus its free size to fit all.

While its initial cost may look high, it actually saves you about 36000 in 2 years that you would otherwise been used on disposable diapers in the long run. The saved cash can be channeled to other uses or invested for the baby’s future

Features and design


The size is adjustable for both height and waist, and most models are free size to fit babies from 0 -3 years and others from 0-2 years. One size fits all– depending on size (S, M, or L), you can adjust the diaper by snapping buttons on different rows on the nappy to fit the desired size.

The weight suitability ranges from 3-15kg for most brands. This ensures that the diapers grow with the baby and fit as the little one grows.


The diaper is unisex and fits perfectly for both girls and boys. They came in different color choices to match your favorite baby’s colors.


The diapers are washable reusable and can be washed both with machine or hand wash. During diaper change, only the insert is removed and replaced with a dry clean one, the diaper itself can be washed once a day or when soiled completely.


It is designed in 3 layers; outer highly breathable waterproof layer made from thermoplastic polyurethane- ( TPU) material that is elastic to fit. The elasticity around the waist and legs prevents sagging at the belly and prevents leaks from the legs. It has an inner middle absorbent material that absorbs moisture faster and better and an inner microfiber insert that ensures high softness and comfort and is gentle on baby’s skin, keeping him/her free from common diaper rash.

The diapers come with about three to five insert that can be changed frequently and washed.

Dos and don’ts

High-quality hygiene is required to maintain its quality for more extended periods, which means a thorough washing is needed. Changing the baby frequently is vital to prevent diaper rash.

It’s a one-time investment, you buy once, and that is it, you forget rushing to the shop every morning.

The absorbent feature makes it hard to dry fast, air-drying them outside on the laundry line is advisable. You might require several about 3 -5 so that you give the washed ones enough time to dry.

Environment friendly: reusable diapers are environmental friendly and prevents unnecessary littering of environment than disposable diapers.


 Washable, reusable diapers are economical and save you a lot of money, and they also ensure the little ones comfort as they grow.

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